Metropolitan Square Christening

Salads & Starters

Cypriot salad with halloumi cheese, rucola, fresh coriander, lettuce, watercress, cherry tomato, cucumber and fresh mint

Tomato, cucumber and watercress salad served with crispy pitta bread bites

Pasta salad with cold cuts, rucola, fresh onion and cherry tomato

Potato salad with capers

Beetroot salad

Yogurt and fresh mint



Bread rolls (white, brown, and multigrain)


Main Dishes

Chicken grilled boneless with lemon and oregano

Pork loin with mushroom sauce

Fish fillet grilled with lemon and olive oil

Pasta with tomato, basil pesto sauce and parmesan cheese

Roasted potatoes

Rice jasmine

Stuffed tomatoes with rice and vegetables

Steamed vegetables with herbed butter or olive oil


Buffet Desserts

Fresh fruits

Cheese cake with blackcurrant or strawberry sauce

Chocolate cake