Metropolitan Square Cocktail Menu


Nachos with mild Mexican tomato salsa & guacamole

Tid -bits (carrot, celery, cucumber) with herbed dip


Cold Canapés

Shrimp with Indian spices on brown bread

Tuna and baby shrimps in tortilla

Cream cheese, sun dried tomato and pine nuts in tart

Prosciutto with pesto spreading in Mexican tortilla

Vegetable mouse with aged cheese and peppers on white bread

Grilled chicken mousse with parmesan and cherry tomato on panini bread


Hot Canapés

Chicken kebab marinated with paprika and yogurt

Meatballs with fresh mint

Koupes pork


Pitta with grilled halloumi cheese

Spring rolls vegetarian

Pitta bread


Cocktail Desserts

Fruit tart

Truffles praline

Choux with patisserie cream


Bourekia stuffed with anari